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Genie Lemieux-Jordan is the quintessential “people person”, juggling an amazing array of roles with boundless energy and dedication.Expert photojournalist, insightful portrait artist, respected businesswoman, and devoted mother: She brings this spectrum of experience to bear on every aspect of her photography and customer service.
Put a camera in her hands and Genie’s love of life and beauty takes over. Her effervescent warmth focuses through the viewfinder to illuminate every subject she captures. One moment she is dazzled by a perfect sunbeam on satin and crystal; the next, she is captivated by the unshed tear glistening in a proud father’s eye.
Genie’s passion is equaled by her professionalism. Her detailed preparation, years of experience and uncanny intuition enable her to understand a bride and her family’s expectations, and fulfill and surpass them with stunning results and heartfelt service. Whether in a quiet studio or a stress-filled dressing room, she understands that it is the often overlooked, unexpectedly touching moments between people that speak with wordless eloquence, becoming family heirlooms for generations to come.
Genie’s generous spirit and love of her craft has led her into classrooms and galleries on both sides of the Atlantic, encouraging the talents of students while setting uncompromising standards of excellence in her own exhibitions. Always striving for the best from herself and from everyone around her, her self-effacing charm and artistic credo are best summed up in her own words: “My favorite photograph is the one I’m just about to take!”

Steve Lemieux-Jordan'sartistry is as multifaceted as a life and career that has ranged from his homeland in England, through France, and on to the United States. From his formal British education to his hands-on apprenticeship in Chicago’s largest commercial laboratories; from founding his own video production company to joint ownership of Evanston Photographic Studios – Steve’s quest for excellence and cutting-edge technical expertise has been a hallmark of his entire life.
Though his British charm and rapier wit would seem to belie it, Steve claims he feels most at home when photographing inanimate objects. Whether he is hanging from a helicopter for a world-class architect’s aerial shot, or up at dawn to capture the glories of a Lake Michigan sunrise, or in a friend’s garden conepslating the intimate geometry at the heart of a single blossom – invariably his images invite the viewer into hitherto unperceived realms of light and shadow, reality and fantasy that his well-trained eye and gifted sensibilities have discovered.
Steve’s work has graced the pages of publications ranging from Northshore magazine to The Illinois Tourism Guide. His loyal clientele includes Northwestern University, Weis Builders and Atkins Benham Construction, to name just a few.

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