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Evanston Photographic Studios was first established in 1931 and as a result we have an archive of original photographs that dates back to 1931 and beyond. Some of the images we have date to the turn of the century - the previous turn of the century.

Some of the archived images are on display at the Evanston Historical Society and the Hilton Garden Inn. Northwestern University also has some copies of our photographs in their archive.

While most are cataloged, to the point of being able to search and eventually find a specific image, we have only just begun the daunting task of digitizing and creating an online database. Once that is up and running visitors to this page will be able to enter a few key words and see thumbnail copies of matching images.

If you have an interest in a particular image please contact us.

Prints can be ordered and certain images may even be licensed for the appropriate fees. All rights to all of the archives and the current images are reserved.

Archive Sample

We will be posting some of our Archive images to this page soon. In the mean time you can either go to the
Evanston Historical Society or visit their web site.

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