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Mark Ballogg has achieved his goal of $12,000.00 (and then some) on Kickstarter!


Mark Ballogg Photography


If you would like to create a video for your Kickstarter project, I will consider deferring the cost of the video until the end of the pledge run.


Trailer for the short film Thresholds

Thresholds is a short narative film being shown in various film festivals around the country. Stay tuned for the full version!


EPS's Role: Camera / Editor

Funkoustic Promo

This video introduces the concept behind and of Funkoustic.
A new program blending the history of Funk with a fresh take on creative collaborations.

EPS's Role: Camera / Editor

Little Giant

"Little Giant" is an extended clip from the film "Las Mujeres De La Caucus Chicana" and as a memorial to Margaret Cruz.

EPS's Role: Editor

Causes for Change

This was created to encourage funding for" Causes For Change" and as a way of recruiting more volunteers.

EPS's Role: Camera / Editor / Studio

Fireman's Park Evanston

Fireman's Park Evanston Alt

Both of these were inspired by the rededication of Fireman's Park in Evanston Illinois.

As I was putting together a slide show to present to the Evanston Fire Dept., I came accross the the song "Honor the Fallen" and The Fireman's Prayer". This was after I had cut the "Amazing Grace" version. Among the many careers we can choose firefighting is one that should be afforded the most accolades. Everyday firefighters and paramedics enter situations that, in a heart beat, can and do turn deadly.

Not only should we honor the fallen but also those who continue to risk thier lives so others may live.

EPS's Role: Still Photography / Editor

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